Conversations around Los Angeles have long been dominated by traffic, and individuals’ varying philosophies on how best to get around. Shedding some light on some changing truths, and some lesser known methods, these are our tips on how to best get around Los Angeles County like a local.

Avoid Rush Hour

The traffic here is real, and intense. When booking flights, ordering rideshare services, or heading out on your own set of wheels, be cognizant of rush hour times that can range from 7am-10am, and 4pm-7pm. You’re likely to hit some traffic outside of these windows, but you’re giving yourself the best odds not driving inside of them.

Not All Trains Are Bad

Los Angeles has an infamous public transportation system that is often looked down on by travelers and locals. We are here to tell you, however, that all public transportation is not bad. The Expo Line, for example, is a super reliable way to travel from Santa Monica to Culver City, and Downtown LA. It’s often faster than driving, and will save you from dealing with parking.

Drive Far, Walk Short

LA is not known as a walking city, but there are actually a lot of people walking around different areas of the city. If you’re exploring Hollywood and want to travel from Hollywood Boulevard to Sunset, save yourself the trouble of moving the car and walk. Also walk areas that are meant to be hiked, like on hiking trails up in the hills and along the Santa Monica and Venice Boardwalks. Save the driving for moving from city to city, or neighborhood to neighborhood.

Travel Green

Despite the ridiculous number of cars and the notorious smog consuming Los Angeles, it is a city comprised of countless people who want to improve the environment. So if you really want to travel like a local, you’ll explore green methods of travel like bike rentals, or those new Bird and Lime scooters (just be sure to put yours away somewhere more thoughtful than the middle of a walkway).