For ten years, the city of Santa Monica has been celebrating chilis–big ones, small ones, mild ones, fiery ones. If you happen to be in the city on a Saturday morning in September, be sure to check out the Santa Monica farmer’s market, and pick yourself up a bag of freshly roasted, California grown peppers.

The Warmest SoCal Days are Winding Down

Once you’ve cruised through the Summer heat of July and August, September in Santa Monica starts to bring cooler temps. As soon as chilis hit the Santa Monica Farmer’s market, your mouth might regularly be on fire, but the rest of the city is beginning to chill out. There’s nothing better than spending a brisk morning sipping a coffee from Urth Caffe, and planning your farmer’s market grocery list.

It’s an Excuse to Visit the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market

Every Saturday in September, local farmers bring their haul of Anaheim peppers, poblanos, and jalapeno peppers to the Santa Monica Farmer’s market on Virginia Avenue. There, they set up shop next to a giant chili roaster, and sell their goods for $2-$3 per pound.

The City Smells Amazing

Ok, maybe the scent of roasted, charred poblanos doesn’t quite waft to Montana Avenue, but it sure improves the overall atmosphere of the farmer’s market. Stroll through the market’s booths, and you’re sure to start craving a little al pastor street taco, with some salsa verde on the side.

We Love Quesadillas

Not only does the market offer freshly roasted, locally grown chili peppers, but it also integrates these peppers into a fabulous quesadilla stand. This year, Chef Nick Shipp, from Upper West, will be manning the chili quesadilla counter. All you have do is bring a couple bucks and an appetite–you’ll be in cheesy-chili heaven.