Hamilton, the Broadway sensation, is heading to Tinseltown. In August of 2016, after just a few months of performances off-Broadway with The Public Theater in New York, Hamilton made its Broadway debut to much fanfare, and to widespread critical acclaim. If you’re in L.A. between August 11th through the 18th, don’t miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch this world renowned show at the historic Hollywood Pantages theater. Here’s why you need to see Hamilton In Los Angeles.

It’s the Biggest Show Since the Book of Mormon

At the 2016 Tony Awards, the smash hit Broadway rendition of Hamilton garnered 16 nominations in 13 categories, ultimately winning 11 of them. Before it even premiered, it raked in $30 million in advance ticket sales, and has consistently sold out over the course of its two years of touring.

Barack Obama Loved It

The former president famously joked that love for the show is “the only thing Dick Cheney and  I can agree on.” He Attended a 2015 performance at Broadway’s Richard Rodgers Theatre with daughters Malia and Sasha, and was seen clapping, smiling, and giving a standing ovation.

It’s Coming to The Historic Hollywood Pantages

This gorgeous art-deco theater opened in the heart of L.A.’s radio and film district in 1930, and served as home to the Academy Awards from 1949 through 1959. Over the years, it’s hosted everything from the Hollywood premiere of Cleopatra in 1963, to 1994 award winning musical, The Lion King.

It’s Hyper-Relevant

How does diversity in casting affect the way we think about treatment of modern-day immigrants? Casting actors of color in the roles of white historical figures, Hamilton encourages spectators to reflect on our nation’s troubled history with race, and its continued struggle to honor its self-proclaimed interests in diversity and inclusion.


For more information on Hamilton in Los Angeles, visit the Hollywood Pantages website.