sandwhich on a plate with chips and lettuce on top of a table next to plants and a magazineLos Angeles is known as a haven for health nuts and fitness junkies, so it’s no surprise that the county if filled with nutritious restaurants. Looking to our own town of Santa Monica, we have more than enough healthy restaurants to recommend, and these are a few of our favorites.

Flower Child

This New American restaurant in Santa Monica is a short walk from the beach and Ocean Avenue, and it specializes in New American dishes, salads, and vegetarian cuisine. Everything is made from scratch with organic ingredients, and some of our favorites include the crushed avocado toast, and the spicy Japanese eggplant.

Flower Child. 1332 2nd St.

The Hive

The Hive is a well-known healthy restaurant in Santa Monica that serves up a selection of live-raw dishes, and vegan options. It also has one of the most well-sourced juice bars in town. We recommend the mushroom panini, or an acai bowl.

The Hive. 606 Broadway

Bondi Harvest

Bondi Harvest is an Australian cafe in Santa Monica that serves up a variety of breakfast and brunch options with a healthy kick. The menu is locally sourced and changed to complement seasonal trends. We’re quite partial to the lentil beet burger, and sweet squash pancakes.

Bondi Harvest. 1814 Berkeley St.

True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen is one of the better curated and run healthy restaurants in Santa Monica. Its team is comprised of accomplished chefs, restaurateurs, and a doctor of integrative medicine who work together to keep the menu nutritious and flavorful. Some of our seasonal favorites include the edamame dumplings, and kale guacamole.

True Food Kitchen. 395 Santa Monica Pl.


Kye’s is a health-conscious restaurant in Santa Monica that has a brilliant philosophy on healthy eating and community based on ancient Chinese principles. The general principles of this philosophy include being inclusive, diverse in diet, and passionate. Come here for vegan breakfast tacos, Asian-inspired curry and bulgogi dishes, soups, salads and more.

Kye’s. 1518 Montana Ave.