Just a few years ago, developers took six acres of urban asphalt in Santa Monica and transformed it into Tongva Park and Ken Genser Square. Tongva is divided into four main sections, which are decorated with a vibrant collection of plants, pathways, and a variety of attractions. Looking at this hidden gem, we are going to break down our favorite parts of each section of Tongva Park.

Observation Hill

Observation Hill is a brilliant area in the southwest quadrant of Tongva Park. It features a number of beautiful overlooks, shaded seating areas, walking paths and public restrooms. The plant life on display here is really worth enjoying. There are a number of beautiful bulbs including naked ladies and crinum lilies. It also has a variety of trees, succulents, shrubs, and perennials.

Discovery Hill

Moving over to the southeast quadrant of Tongva Park, you’ll find Discovery Hill, which is home to a children’s play area, shaded picnic area, and children’s splash pad, which is the ultimate playplace on a hot California day. Discovery’s plant life highlights include a Marina Strawberry Tree, Mauritius Hemp plant, and vibrant dark blue agapanthus perennials.

Garden Hill

The northeast quadrant of Tongva Park is occupied by Garden Hill, which has a more colorful selection of plants highlighted by Golden and Red Peruvian lilies, a range of green ferns, and gorgeous silk floss trees. Garden Hill also features a number of cozy seating bays, scenic walking paths, and a cool shaded picnic area.

Gathering Hill

Last, but not least, we are highlighting Gathering Hill, which occupies the northwest quadrant of the park. This may be hte most popular area of Tongva Park with its grassy amphitheatre that places to free performances and shows hosted by the city. It’s also the sight of a WEather Field, and a piece of public art installation by Inigo Manglano-Ovalle.