The Rose Bowl is an iconic outdoor football stadium located in Pasadena, north of Downtown LA. It’s been open since 1922, and throughout an illustrious history, there have been a number of amazing games and events here. For those who are less familiar, here’s everything you need to know about The Rose Bowl.

The Game

The titular event for the stadium is The Rose Bowl Game, and it’s an annual American college football bowl game played on New Year’s here every year. This is always one of the top bowl games in the country, drawing two of the best teams from a given season.

The Flea Market

Every month, the R.G. Canning Flea Market draws more than 2,500 vendors and 20,000 buyers to the Rose Bowl Stadium grounds. This is a must for thrift shop, vintage, and flea market fans. You’ll find everything from clothes, cameras, works of art, food, furniture and more.


The Rose Bowl Stadium grounds are also home to the Brookside Golf Club, which has been a tranquil place to play a round in Los Angeles for over 75 years. Considered one of the best courses in California, it’s been the home of historic events like the Los Angeles Open in 1968.


For those who want to check out the grounds, walk on the field, and look at some of The Rose Bowl history, stop by for one of its regular tours. The last Friday of each month there are public tours available for adults, seniors, and children. You can also schedule a private VIP tour on most other days when the stadium’s not in use.

Other Events

In addition to the actual Rose Bowl Game, there are a number of exciting and unique events that take place here each year. From music festivals, to concerts, and UCLA football games, there are a ton of reasons to check out The Rose Bowl Events Calendar on your next trip to Los Angeles.