As 2018 winds down, we have a lot to learn from and look forward to in the new year. Since The Ambrose Hotel is an institution for travelers, we have a list of resolutions that will inspire better vacations and more meaningful visits to our lovely town of Santa Monica.

Indulge In Santa Monica

Santa Monica is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable areas of Los Angeles County. From the killer shopping to the world-class restaurants, the beach, and area mainstays like The Santa Monica Pier, there’s a lot to indulge in, and we want do more of that this year.

Get Caught Up On Our Reading

Every year, we make some sort of resolution to make ourselves smarter, because you only live once, and the human mind is an amazing thing. Before you treat yourself to a day of sun on the beach in Santa Monica, stop by one of these bookstores to keep this resolution.

Take a Road Trip

Santa Monica is gorgeous, but it’s also conveniently located right by the Pacific Coast Highway, which takes travelers on an epic road trip along California’s insanely scenic coastline. Let 2019 be the year where you finally drive the PCH!

Get More Into LA

While we are digging deeper into Santa Monica this year, we also want to take more time to appreciate Los Angeles as a whole. This city is filled with hidden gems, like the Museum of Jurassic Technology. We’d like to have more discoveries like this in the new year.


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