When you’re on vacation, there’s no shame in treating yourself to a little trinket or treasure that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to find at home. Forget the tacky t-shirts and keychains, and check out one of these small, local boutiques for Southern California souvenirs as a reminder of the time you spent in SoCal.

Where to find Southern California Souvenirs

California Love

This little gift shop on the 3rd street promenade carries t-shirts, hats and more, emblazoned with retro California logos. Everything is locally designed, and even screen printed by the shop owners. The merchandise sort of screams, “Look, everybody! I vacationed in California!” but the shop is still far from a tacky, touristy souvenir stand on the beach. California Love: 511 Ocean Front Walk; 323-740-0644


Slightly cramped and lined with pink walls, Brat is a little shop near the Santa Monica Cemetery that’s full of fun, kitschy gifts and clothing. Take home a pair of sunglasses, a cute scarf, or even a pair of wooden salad spoons. The gifts change according to the quirky shop owner’s whims. B-R-A-T: 1938 14th St.; 310-452-2480

Love Adorned

This gorgeously curated boutique on Main Street holds an array of home goods, jewelry, books and candles. The boutique also features a lush back patio with benches—succulents and flowers fill the space and provide a relaxing environment to rest in if you’ve shopped ‘till you’ve dropped. Love Adorned: 2923 Main St. 310-450-2227


This shop carries beautiful and unique little gifts that will fit perfectly into your carry-on– from small pots and vases, to bath soaps, bags and scarves. Much of the shop’s offerings were created by local artists, so you can bring an authentic piece of Santa Monica home with you. Goods: 1748 Ocean Park Blvd; 310-392-3922