While the city of Santa Monica is relatively young, it still contains a number of historic buildings and structures. Around town, you’ll find touches of Spanish-colonial influence, art deco opulence, and even nods to gothic elements. If you’re into angles and aesthetics, these are a few of Santa Monica’s must-see architectural landmarks.

Charmont Apartments

Blending Spanish Colonial Revival and Art Deco aesthetics, Santa Monica’s Charmont Apartments boast a walled courtyard, two-tiered fountain, and gorgeous decorative tiles with sea and sunset tones. Located at 330 California Ave—just a mile and a half south of The Ambrose—these apartments are still in use. Snag a renovated one bedroom for under $3,000 a month and live out your beachy dreams.

The Georgian Hotel

Built in 1933 to service Hollywood elite like Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, The Georgian Hotel is one of Santa Monica’s most eye-catching structures. This eight-story structure features both Art Deco and Period Revival stylistic elements, giving it an ornate and opulent air.

Looff Hippodrome

Located on the Santa Monica pier, the Looff Hippodrome was built by master carousel builder Charles I.D. Looff in 1919. This whimsical structure borrows stylistic elements from a variety of places, with triangular, Moorish-style windows, gothic cupola, and Medieval-style crenellations. Fully restored in 1990 after a period of neglect, it continues to bring joy and merriment to pier-visitors young and old.

Gehry Residence

Architect Frank Gehry and his wife, Betty, purchased an unassuming, pink Dutch colonial house in Santa Monica in 1977. One year later, it had transformed into one of the first deconstructivist buildings, and a great source of neighborhood discontent. Gehry maintained the old Dutch colonial’s standard exterior, but wrapped it in metal, plywood and chain link fence, creating a Frankenstein-like masterpiece. You can still find it at 1002 22nd Street.

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