Green Initiatives

A premier green hotel in Santa Monica, California, The Ambrose takes many steps to preserve the beauty of its surroundings. We encompass a triple-bottom-line approach to sustainability through the implementation of EarthView®, a proprietary sustainability program created by Hersha Hotels & Resorts. We focus on a holistic approach to hospitality, providing memorable amenities and unique offerings that enhance the guest experience. 

The Ambrose participated in Santa Monica’s Sustainable Works Green Business Certification pilot program in 2005 and was awarded the Sustainable Quality Grand Prize Award by the City of Santa Monica in 2006. In 2007, The Ambrose Hotel was the first in the United States to earn the prestigious LEED EB certification. We have maintained third-party audited certifications since then, earning the City of Santa Monica Green Business Certification, the state of California’s Green Lodging Program Certification, and TripAdvisor’s Gold Green Leader Certification.

In 2017, the City of Santa Monica and Santa Monica’s Mayor Ted Winterer presented the hotel with a commendation for being one of the five pilot program participants of the city’s Green Business Certification. The Ambrose Hotel team is passionate about implementing green practices in everything we do, and we are committed to protecting the environment and preserving the earth’s precious natural resources for generations to come.

Sustainable Highlights at The Ambrose Hotel Include:

  • LEED Certified Silver
  • Environmentalist Level hotel by the California Department of General Services' Green Lodging Program
  • Energy-efficient light bulbs (LED)
  • Guest room energy management systems (EMS) smart thermostats
  • Guest room consolidation program
  • Towel and linen reuse program
  • Discontinued use of styrofoam, plastic straws, stirrers, and guest room phonebooks
  • Use of recycled-content paper products and key cards
  • Property-wide recycling and composting
  • Participation in Clean the World
  • EarthView® Water
  • Hotel bicycles
  • Refillable water stations
  • Electric vehicle chargers and electric house car
A Man And A Woman Riding On The Back Of A Bicycle


Eco-friendly exterior maintenance practices have been implemented at the hotel and bicycle storage and changing facilities have been added. A preferred parking program for alternative vehicles is in place, in addition to four complimentary electric vehicle charging ports. The hotel’s house vehicle, available to take guests short distances around town, is a Tesla Model 3. Complimentary Los Angeles Metro transit passes have been added to the team member benefit package.

A Hand Holding A Glass Of Wine


Using the EPA Energy Star® Portfolio Manager tool, The Ambrose Hotel has demonstrated an excellent level of energy efficiency for its building and systems. All electronics and systems throughout the hotel are Energy Star Certified and our energy usage is tracked, monitored, and managed closely.

There is LED lighting throughout the hotel and thermostats by premier energy management company, Verdent , in every guest room. When the thermostat detects someone in a room, the occupant is allowed full control over temperature. When the room becomes unoccupied, the thermostat allows the temperature to drift up or down by a few degrees until the room becomes occupied again, at which point the temperature recovers to the occupant’s previous setting.


Annual water efficiency has been maximized to reduce the burden on our potable water supply and wastewater system. Low-flow toilets and water saving faucet aerators have been installed. Sprinkler systems are adjusted according to season and garden areas have been planted with drought-tolerant native species.


A guestroom recycling program is in place and 75% of all waste is recycled or composted. The hotel also has a linen and towel reuse program in place. A sustainable purchasing program has been implemented in an effort to reduce the impacts of pollution caused by virgin resource extraction and processing. All Ambrose team members are encouraged to reduce waste by reducing consumption of all disposable materials, composting all organic materials and fully utilizing all materials prior to their disposal.

A Person Lying On A Bed


The Ambrose Hotel considers its housekeeping team to be one of its best defenses against poor indoor air quality. A thorough green cleaning program is in place. Eco-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products are used throughout the hotel. Through a sustainable-products purchasing plan, the hotel also purchases low-VOC paints, sealants, and adhesives.

The Ambrose Hotel has made a promise to promote a lifestyle that ensures its environmental impact on the world is as minimal and as positive as possible.

A Close Up Of A Toy Car


Guests at The Ambrose with electric vehicles have access to four charging stations (two Tesla and two universal).

Fireworks Behind A Palm Tree


Through our proprietary sustainability program, EarthView, The Ambrose Hotel aims to offer unparalleled hotel service and a sustainable stay to our guests. Our hotel was the first in the United States to earn the prestigious LEED EB certification. In addition to sustainably-minded amenities, we also offer guests the opportunity to offset the "environmental footprint" of their stay with our partner, Carbonfund. Through this program, many guests elect to purchase offsets used to fund new projects that reduce greenhouse gas pollution. These projects include renewable energy, forest conservation, and energy efficiency and are third-party certified to meet carbon reduction standards.